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Monday, 13 January 2014

Grimm Background Music

Ever since the soundtrack for The Great Gatsby came out, I've been meaning to listen to more Lana Del Rey. Her voice is beautiful in a non-conventional-crooner-kind of way. If that makes sense. While I was reading, writing, and sipping my tea this morning, I finally listened to her album Young and Beautiful. How deliriously wonderful. I don't think her music would be for everyone, but for my tastes... I find her voice and her music to be so inspiring. Embedded above is her album Born To Die. It's very moody. 

She strikes me as being a meld of genre and fashion. Absolutely stunning, with such grimy and soulful lyrics. I say grimy because... not sure. But it feels grimy. In a stumbling through the woods, lost and delirious, kind of way. Also, makes me think of the musician Grimes in terms of beats and music. 

Hm... Maybe I should start doing a Music Monday blog. Every Monday I could share whatever music is inspiring me and getting my week into motion. Mondays are generally days when I spend the mornings drinking tea and relaxing before I head to school. Since my husband leaves before 7 (I usually get up between 7 and 8), I have the house to myself, and I can listen to whatever music I want. Whatever music fits my mood and gets me going. Be it chill, upbeat, punk, indie, wintery or something to curl up to... Would anyone be interested in hearing about musicians and bands and what we listen to in the deep dark woods?

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