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Friday, 31 January 2014

Redbubble & Square

Exciting updates! 

First, I have started uploading designs to I heard about it from a friend of mine who used it to sell prints of her Kama Sutra bunnies (one of my favourite things ever. So befitting for lagomorphs). Redbubble seemed like a potentially good platform for different designs, and just a great idea in general. No work as far as printing, shipping, selling... Just uploading a design, deciding how much of a commission you want, and off you go. Good idea, I think. Today, I posted my first design; my Haxan logo. 

Here's how it looks as a t-shirt design...

At the moment, the shirt is only available to be on white backgrounds, because it has a white block behind the logo. Pretty soon, though, I will at least make an inverted version so that it will be available on black shirts. After that, we'll see. 

I'm hoping to upload a few new designs over the next few weeks, and bulk up the Chiromancy collection, as well as get the Bone Orchard collections started. Details to follow...

Now, next exciting thing. I signed up for Square. It's the app that allows you to take credit card payments on your phone. This means that when you find me at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this year, you can buy lots of goodies using any major credit card. Pretty neat! Signing up for it makes me feel like such an adult... So weird. But in a good kind of way. 

Sunday, 26 January 2014


This morning I started experimenting with makeup for a photo shoot I'm planning in March. The photo shoot is for my upcoming Summer/Fall collection 'Chiromancy'. It's inspired by all types of witchcraft, alchemy, and the arcane. I find that one thing I've been inspired by, and influenced by, my entire life is witchcraft. All types of it, particularly the darkness of the history. 

For the photo shoot, I've been thinking a lot about altars, dark woods, 1970s imagery of witches, and Häxan. Here are a few different things that I've been thinking about in relation to this photo shoot. Particularly, what is going to influence the end photographs, and, of course, the makeup. 

Still from the 1922 film 'Häxan'

Schwedische Rettung der Christlichen Kirchen (1631) 
Artist unknown, based on Fritz Eichenburg's Jane Eyre
Witches Sabbath by Francisco de Goya
Vogue Russia
The Black Belles

Unfortunately, you can't see into my brain, so these will be seemingly disconnected images. Howe'er, in my brain and imagination, they all add together to form the first idea for possible makeup.

It's quite simple. My day-to-day BB cream/moisturizer mixture, set with ivory skin tone powder. Then, the fun part! Black lipstick, done in a 1920s-inspired fashion, and just a touch of black eyeliner on my upper eyelid. For the makeup for this shoot, I'm imagining something fairly simple and clean (so as to not draw too much attention away from the clothing and jewelry), but still dramatic enough to give a sense of everything that has been building up to what I've created. I'm going to play with a few different ideas before the actual shoot in March. 

Products used: Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream (combined with Metrin Enriched Vita Conditioner), Covergirl Normal skin pressed powder (in colour classic ivory), Revlon Colorstay liquid eye pen (in the colour blackest black), Annabelle lipliner (in colour flame), and Wet'n'Wild Fantasy Makers lipstick (colour black). 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Last year I printed a small piece of fabric. It's a silkscreen repeat pattern, printed on silk with dye (very, very, faintly). The imagery is based off of seraphim. Seraphim (plural for seraph) are a type of angel described in the bible. The two types of angels described are seraphim and cherubim. Now, don't picture angels playing trumpets, or fat little babies with wings.

Seraphim are the angels on either side of God. The name translates into "the burning ones". They are described as being human-like in appearance, except that three pairs of wings cover their faces, their arms, and their feet. They are described in the Book of Isaiah. They fly around the throne of God, singing 'Holy, holy, holy'.

The cherubim are a bit different. They are made up of one head with four faces (eagle, ox, lion, and man), four wings, straight feet with a sole like a calf's foot, and hands of a man under the wings.

I can't remember which, but one or both of these types of angels are completely studded in eyes. Either way....

Angels are kind of strange creatures. They are never described as being simply human shaped being with wings and halos. Which makes them all the more curious, fascinating, and in my case, inspiring. I guess this fascination is what led me to draw seraphim and print fabric.

Now, the only question is... What should I do with the fabric? I want to do something with it...

Monday, 20 January 2014


I'm finally putting my Arcane fabric to use. I printed this last year as part of a repeat pattern assignment in my printing on cloth class. I absolutely adored making this fabric. It is silk, printed with dye. 

I'm planning to make a limited run of kimono shrugs using this fabric. I'm going to either weave or crochet a fringe to go on the sleeves. I'm thinking that it will be a run of three or four, and they'll be part of the upcoming Chiromancy collection. The sample that I made is so nice and light, and I think they'll be perfect for spring and summer. Even fall. Silk is nice because it insulates. If it's cold outside it's warmer, and when it's hot outside the silk will keep you cooler. Magic fabric, and it's so luxurious. 

I'm so excited to photograph these kimonos when they're done. It'll be beautiful! 

Music Monday

So I said, "I don't wanna be alone forever.
But I can be tonight
I don't wanna be alone forever
But I love gypsy life
I don't wanna be alone forever
Maybe we can see the world together
I don't wanna be alone forever
But I can be tonight, tonight."

This song has been stuck in my head for days. I know that Lady Gaga definitely isn't everyone's cup of tea, but personally, I do really like her. She's inspirational, beautiful, and fascinating. Not to mention the fact that her songs are so catching. The above song is Gypsy, from her most recent album ARTPOP. I fell in love with it after the Thanksgiving special that she did with the Muppets. She sang Gypsy with Kermit. It was absolutely magical.

I do adore her. What a magical being.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?

Recently, I've been rather inspired by strange stories. Mysteries and histories. One in particular is the story of "Who put Bella in the Witch Elm". It's a story of murder in the 1940s. The graffito was written on the side of a 200 year old obelisk in mid 1999. 50-odd years earlier, four boys were poaching in an area near Wychbury Hill (England), when they found some curious things tucked inside a hollowed out tree. Particularly, a human skull. As they weren't technically supposed to be there (trespassing on land), they left. One of the boys felt uneasy, and told his parents. Later, when the tree was investigated, police found an almost complete human skeleton, a gold wedding ring, a shoe, and bits of clothing. A bit of cloth stuffed in the mouth showed that she died of asphyxiation. A severed hand was found buried near the tree.

To this day, no one really knows who this person is, or why she was murdered. There are many theories. Some involving spy rings during World War II. Others involve black magic executions. 

Then, there's the graffito on the obelisk, several decades later. Questions arose as to whether the mysterious graffiti artist knew something about the murder, or if the words written were simply cryptic condolences. Others around the area continue to write the words on surfaces, usually in white chalk. 

The story, and the graffito, have inspired many books, songs, and operas. Now it's inspiring me. I've always had a soft spot for the victims of unsolved murders. It's tragic. Almost more so than other murders. All deaths are tragic, but when your murderer is never caught... and you are left alone without a name or identity... There is always a question of why, and who, and... well, all of the usual questions, really. Just, more so, because the stories tend to get lost in time. At least, the opportunity to uncover the truth fades away. It's probably extremely morbid of me, that I get inspired by stories like this. I think it has to do with my curiosity, and the fascination of the phrases and stories that arise from these events. I mean... 'Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?'. The sound of it, and the sincerity of it. 

One thing that I will be doing for collections that have imagery and text based off of heavier and stranger things (like this), is I will be attaching tags offering the information, research, and history of what it means, and where it comes from. I want to make sure that people can fully understand something, make an educated decision of whether or not they want to buy it, and be able to explain it if people ask while they are wearing it. Knowledge is power, and nothing annoys me more than someone wearing something, but not understanding the gravity of its meaning.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Grimm Background Music

Ever since the soundtrack for The Great Gatsby came out, I've been meaning to listen to more Lana Del Rey. Her voice is beautiful in a non-conventional-crooner-kind of way. If that makes sense. While I was reading, writing, and sipping my tea this morning, I finally listened to her album Young and Beautiful. How deliriously wonderful. I don't think her music would be for everyone, but for my tastes... I find her voice and her music to be so inspiring. Embedded above is her album Born To Die. It's very moody. 

She strikes me as being a meld of genre and fashion. Absolutely stunning, with such grimy and soulful lyrics. I say grimy because... not sure. But it feels grimy. In a stumbling through the woods, lost and delirious, kind of way. Also, makes me think of the musician Grimes in terms of beats and music. 

Hm... Maybe I should start doing a Music Monday blog. Every Monday I could share whatever music is inspiring me and getting my week into motion. Mondays are generally days when I spend the mornings drinking tea and relaxing before I head to school. Since my husband leaves before 7 (I usually get up between 7 and 8), I have the house to myself, and I can listen to whatever music I want. Whatever music fits my mood and gets me going. Be it chill, upbeat, punk, indie, wintery or something to curl up to... Would anyone be interested in hearing about musicians and bands and what we listen to in the deep dark woods?

Sunday, 12 January 2014


Started working on new prototypes and samples this weekend. Definitely some alterations to do, and I need to get my hands on some more cheap fabric. I'm planning to make some cool looking t-shirts, and blouses, with a basic tank top design. The t-shirts will be jersey knit, hand sewn, and then screen printed. The hooded vest is a prototype, and I'll be doing a few different versions as I try out different lengths, structures, and fabrics. Prototypes might go on sale for lower prices, but we'll see. 

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Ordinary, extraordinary

Last week, I bought some jewellery making supplies. There's something really inspiring about looking at materials, and deciding what you need to make the perfect piece. Every now and then, I find things that are so ordinary, yet so beautifully inspiring. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. There are so many things pinned to my bulletin board, and scattered about my desk; things that caught my attention and get me thinking. Bits of metal, fabric samples, photographs of family and strangers. A necklace bought at a thrift store for $1.99, with the engraved name, "FAYE". Simple, but the possibility of it. 

I found these adjustable clip on earring backs, for dangle earrings. The colour, the presence of the screw, the sense of them. It's so ordinary. It's so normal. Yet, it catches my attention. It makes me want to make something unbelievable. Something that instills the same thoughts for someone else, as it does for me. These earring backs (if that's what you can call them?) made me think of my childhood. They made me think of steampunk. Made me think of my grandmother, and a pair of rhinestone-studded clip-on earrings with similar screw-on backs. The thoughts are sublime.

Now, the only question is... What do make of these memories, thoughts, and inspiration? What to make with these beautiful little pieces of what is yet to come?

Friday, 10 January 2014

Sewing and Designing

It's kind of weird. Everything I do involves sewing, but in actuality, I used to be an extremely impatient, didn't-want-to-follow-patterns, horrible, sewing student. My mum was my sewing teacher in 4-H, and I'm pretty sure that she wanted to wring my neck. I was just so terrible! Kind of funny, looking back. Still, at some point, it became apparent to me that I needed to sew in order to accomplish my goals. And now I'm designing things and actually following patterns. Who saw that coming? 

To explain the image... This is what I would like to look like when sewing. Victorian garb, treadle sewing machine, facial expression, and all. 

Just kidding. That's how I already look when I'm sewing. Except that I wear leggings, my set-up is on the floor, and I watch hours of movies and TV instead of looking complacently happy. Still, I don't think there's a big difference.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Little Red Riding Hood

Illustration by Marija Jevtic
Red Riding Hood is one of the fairy tales that primarily inspired me to make things. In my first year of art school I created a reversible cloak. It was the red cloak of Little Red on one side; the grey fur of the wolf on the other. I'm always hoping for opportunities to make more, and I riff off the idea often. To see images, you can find it on my Etsy shop

The story of Red Riding Hood has always been one of my favourites. There are so many versions, each more gruesome than the last. I find it so captivating, and horrific. The tale makes me fall in love with it. I fall in love with it in a different way, each day that I wake up and breathe air. It has been adapted in so many ways, and it's beautiful. 

There are old photographs, countless illustrations, movies, comics, songs... Every possible material, means... And it all came from an age old fairy tale. There always whispers of deceit, blood, and loss of innocence and trust. Under the surface, the story is gruesome, and so many artists see that. Needless to say, it inspires me endlessly. 

Whenever I don't know what to do, or what direction to go, Little Red and that sharp-toothed beast slink into my mind, and envelope me in red cloth and ashen fur. My heart is sealed in wolf blood, holding stones and stitched together.

Not too long ago, I found a web comic called Redden. It is by an artist name Maya Kern. This comic is absolutely stunning. Her style is fantastic, and the story... It is pure brilliance. It is beauty. It is Red Riding Hood taken in a direction of north-bound fear and fable. A completely different direction, shifting the story in such a new way. I love it. Oh, how I yearn to be able to write stories like that, and draw such fantastic illustrations. Maybe if I actually worked at it...

What is your favourite version of Red Riding Hood? Have you ever fell in love with a story so much that you desire to make something of it in every way imaginable?

Forward and Onward

Welcome to the official Grimm Fabrications blog. I decided to create yet another blog (don't worry, you can still visit my other blogs, Grimm By Design and 12 Months of Alice). This one will specifically be the place where I will post about my inspiration, interests, and things that motivate Grimm Fabrications. This is the blog where I will post finished projects and products, in their fully documented glory, immediately before they go online. Along with that, I will be posting about the projects that I am in the middle of, and what prompted me to make that particularly project (or product). 

I'm really excited. I am still in art school. This is my final year, and as part of my directed studio class, I am making Grimm Fabrications even more web-present, and making everything more seamless, pretty, credible, and oh-so-very Grimm. 

Now, to summarize where you can find Grimm Fabrications on the internet.
  • Facebook
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  • YouTube
  • Etsy
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
Soon, there will also be a website. I am working on it. It will be launched by April 14th 2014, if not sooner. I'll determine the actual launching time soon. 

Now, forward and onward! Be sure to comment with any questions, requests, or what-have-you. You can also contact me through any of the above mentioned ways. Hooray for social media.