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Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Last year I printed a small piece of fabric. It's a silkscreen repeat pattern, printed on silk with dye (very, very, faintly). The imagery is based off of seraphim. Seraphim (plural for seraph) are a type of angel described in the bible. The two types of angels described are seraphim and cherubim. Now, don't picture angels playing trumpets, or fat little babies with wings.

Seraphim are the angels on either side of God. The name translates into "the burning ones". They are described as being human-like in appearance, except that three pairs of wings cover their faces, their arms, and their feet. They are described in the Book of Isaiah. They fly around the throne of God, singing 'Holy, holy, holy'.

The cherubim are a bit different. They are made up of one head with four faces (eagle, ox, lion, and man), four wings, straight feet with a sole like a calf's foot, and hands of a man under the wings.

I can't remember which, but one or both of these types of angels are completely studded in eyes. Either way....

Angels are kind of strange creatures. They are never described as being simply human shaped being with wings and halos. Which makes them all the more curious, fascinating, and in my case, inspiring. I guess this fascination is what led me to draw seraphim and print fabric.

Now, the only question is... What should I do with the fabric? I want to do something with it...

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