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Friday, 31 January 2014

Redbubble & Square

Exciting updates! 

First, I have started uploading designs to I heard about it from a friend of mine who used it to sell prints of her Kama Sutra bunnies (one of my favourite things ever. So befitting for lagomorphs). Redbubble seemed like a potentially good platform for different designs, and just a great idea in general. No work as far as printing, shipping, selling... Just uploading a design, deciding how much of a commission you want, and off you go. Good idea, I think. Today, I posted my first design; my Haxan logo. 

Here's how it looks as a t-shirt design...

At the moment, the shirt is only available to be on white backgrounds, because it has a white block behind the logo. Pretty soon, though, I will at least make an inverted version so that it will be available on black shirts. After that, we'll see. 

I'm hoping to upload a few new designs over the next few weeks, and bulk up the Chiromancy collection, as well as get the Bone Orchard collections started. Details to follow...

Now, next exciting thing. I signed up for Square. It's the app that allows you to take credit card payments on your phone. This means that when you find me at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this year, you can buy lots of goodies using any major credit card. Pretty neat! Signing up for it makes me feel like such an adult... So weird. But in a good kind of way. 

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