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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Ordinary, extraordinary

Last week, I bought some jewellery making supplies. There's something really inspiring about looking at materials, and deciding what you need to make the perfect piece. Every now and then, I find things that are so ordinary, yet so beautifully inspiring. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. There are so many things pinned to my bulletin board, and scattered about my desk; things that caught my attention and get me thinking. Bits of metal, fabric samples, photographs of family and strangers. A necklace bought at a thrift store for $1.99, with the engraved name, "FAYE". Simple, but the possibility of it. 

I found these adjustable clip on earring backs, for dangle earrings. The colour, the presence of the screw, the sense of them. It's so ordinary. It's so normal. Yet, it catches my attention. It makes me want to make something unbelievable. Something that instills the same thoughts for someone else, as it does for me. These earring backs (if that's what you can call them?) made me think of my childhood. They made me think of steampunk. Made me think of my grandmother, and a pair of rhinestone-studded clip-on earrings with similar screw-on backs. The thoughts are sublime.

Now, the only question is... What do make of these memories, thoughts, and inspiration? What to make with these beautiful little pieces of what is yet to come?

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