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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Calgary Gideon Keys

Weird stuff alert! Weird stuff alert!

So. I live in Calgary. Home of the Calgary Stampede. A fairly benign, boring, city. Not that different from other cities. Based on this, what could possibly be this 'weird stuff' that I'm alerting you of?

The 'weird stuff' is what I am currently researching for future projects. The collection of notes referred to as The Calgary Gideon Keys. This notebook is also referred to as Calgary's 200 Phenomena. The story goes that this mysterious notebook was discovered at the University of Calgary. Upon reading it, the person who found them discovered that the book was full of.... strange secrets. A while ago, someone transcribed the notes and placed them online. 

I will tell you. The stories are beyond strange. I'm going going to go into great detail here, but if you're interested, you can read the transcribed notes HERE

My husband told me about the Gideon Keys a year or so ago. At first, the stories genuinely creeped me out. That's just what they are. Creepy. Creepy because of the immense subtlety and detail... Creepy because they just could be true. 

I've been researching and reading the Gideon Keys. I'm planning to base some projects on them. However, to really do this... I feel like I should investigate some of them. See if I can discover any truth to the secrets. This terrifies me. Now, as far as anything supernatural, or paranormal, I'm hugely skeptical. Deep down, I feel like I've had paranormal experiences, but my brain brushes it away, assuring logical explanation. Still, that doesn't remove my immense curiosity. Thus my desire to investigate all things paranormal. Even then... do I really want to find out hidden truths? What might I stumble upon? 

Ha. Craziness. But seriously. Some of the stories are well worth having projects based on them.

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