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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Fur Collars

Designing new things, and it feels good. School constantly makes me feel discouraged from doing art. Then, I do something different, something desired, and I feel better. Today, I made some fur collars. I've been really interested in the idea of detachable fur collars. In general, I'm really inspired by Gothic Lolita and Dolly fashions. Here are a couple of images that capture what I've been inspired by. Fur collar wise.

I'm particularly enjoying the idea of the fawn fur collars. Not real fawn, of course. But it's so adorable, and absolutely lovely. I'd like to make some with fawn faux fur once I can get my hands on some, but for now I'm making some with solid colour. It's another way to use up left over faux fur that I have from making hoods. I'm planning to make between four and six for the Comic Expo. For some reason, I'm really loving the idea of fur collars plus a long tank top and leggings for summer. Does that sound like a summer look? Maybe it's just something that I would wear because I'm weird and I live in Calgary. I'll be incorporating the collars into the photo shoot that's coming up.

Any ways... Behold! One of the collars that I made! 

It is black faux fur, lined with black satin, and topped off with a nice wide black satin ribbon. They're fairly large, and I find them to be quite cozy. Kind of like a really, really, small cape thing. Today I made two. You can see the other one on my Tumblr page. I'm looking forward to making more. 

And yes, I'm really digging black lipstick when I photograph my wearable pieces. It's kind of becoming a trademark in a way. I feel really confident when I wear black lipstick in my photographs. It's somehow secretive. And of course, it's witchy. Any ways. Enough about me and my embellished face.

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