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Friday, 14 March 2014

Photo shoot preparation

How to properly prepare for a photo shoot.

1. Make a list.
2. Re-write list, ensuring that you're not forgetting anything.
3. Review and re-write list (again) after someone reminds you about something.
4. Make cupcakes as a thank you to people who are being kind and helping you out.
5. Follow your list and pack everything neatly into a suitcase.
6. Hastily finish up details for things to make sure that your shoot won't be lacking.
7. Double check.
8. Go to bed far too late because you were watching a very riveting season finale.
9. Almost forget to pack your makeup kit and hairstyling stuff, and stuff that in your bag.
10. Go to bed, to ensure a well-rested artist and model.

Photo shoot tomorrow! I'm so excited! Photos are going to start coming soon!

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