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Monday, 7 April 2014

Music Monday: Lorde

Lorde is a  New Zealand teenager, who has taken the music world by a storm (wow... I sound like someone who works for MTV). I started listening to her after listening to Puddles' covers of her songs. For a while, I wasn't terribly fond of the original songs, mostly because I was so in love with the 7-foot tall clown with the golden voice. Then, I started listening to Lorde, and all her songs just struck a chord with me. I like the hip-hop-like beats, her soft voice, and, ultimately, everything. 

She's also adorable. And I like how she dresses (mostly because it's how I'm trying to dress right now). 

Back to the music. Her album 'Pure Heroine' is  beautiful from finish to end, and all of the songs knit together nicely. Rather, they flow together nicely. It's a joy to listen to. The other day I bought the CD so that I could actually listen to it in the car. Sure, several of her songs are on the radio all of the time, but it's nice to listen to the songs on an album. I'm pretty sure that they're just meant to be listened to all at once. It's really lovely. 

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