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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sunday Fun Day: Happy Days 40-46

Last week of school! Happy days! And one really bad day... but other than that, a good week! By the way, happy Easter everyone! Have a beautiful day. Sparkle sparkle sparkle.

Lots of selfies this week... Sorry about that... actually, kidding! I'm not sorry. I don't need to apologize. The last photo is my happy face, and I shouldn't feel any remorse for showing that off! Any who...

The Comic Expo is in just a few days. It's going to be crazy. I still need to finish some things, and on Wednesday I have to go into school to drop off my grad piece and go to a grad meeting. Not really excited about that... but such is life. I think I'm just less stoked because the comic expo starts on Thursday, so I feel like I have better things to work on. Ah well! I'm excited. Yesterday I played around with display on one of our tables. Good news is, the comic expo tables are two feet longer than the table I was playing around with. Good news... otherwise I wouldn't have enough room for everything! Tomorrow I make a quick run to Staples and the dollar store (if they're open... Otherwise I'll go on Tuesday) to pick up binder sleeves and safety pins and stuff. So much to do! So little time! Butterflies with combat boots stomping around in my stomach and flapping their wings! Aaaauuugghh!!! Squeeeee... I am really excited. I think it'll be a good year. Soon I'll be posting about what I'll definitely be seeing at the Expo, and who I intend to meet. Akumu Ink and R.L.Stine are going to be there, and both of those entities are exciting! 

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