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Friday, 21 February 2014

New hoods and progress

Rawr! I'm a unicorn beast!

By which I mean I've been making hoods, and today I photographed a few of them. The above is a weird hood that I decided to make. I just felt like making something unicorn-ish. But it's not really a unicorn, because it has a lack of mane, and it has wolfish ears. It's delightful. And yes, in photographing it, I had to make a growly face. How could it be any other way?

This week, I finished the 'Hell Hound' hoods (Supernatural inspired hoods!), and I'm quite pleased with them. This is what they look like.

Pointed ears, silky black faux fur, and custom lining that I had printed by

Lastly, made a couple of grey hoods. Here is one.

I'm not sure what the makeup is inspired by. It was kind of arbitrary. I just felt like wearing black lipstick, and drawing on my face. I'm quite pleased with how it looks. Fairly tribal, while also being gothic-ish. Ish. Whatever the case... Happy with it! Also, I'm quite pleased with the hoods. I have about eight more to go, and I'll be done making hoods for the comic expo. Then I just have ears, some jewelry, shirts, and kimono shrugs. That sounds like a lot... but it really isn't. How weird is that?

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