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Saturday, 1 March 2014


Zines! I'm making zines! I'm making two versions for the upcoming Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. I might do a few other editions throughout the year, if there is interest, but for now I am just doing it for the expo. And yes. Two versions. Why? Because I like different versions of things, and I think that one version should always be an activity book version. It's kind of a sad excuse for an activity book, but I'm rather pleased with it. At the moment, only the activity book version is complete. All that's left is to make more copies, and bind them. I'm opting to bind them by hand, because I can just use a simply saddle stitch. I like how it looks, and it's just a nice touch I think. 

I'm going to finish the "relevant" version very soon. It's taking a bit more work, because I actually want to convey information and stir up interest with it. I'm still deciding how much I should charge for the zines. I just have to weigh out the prices of materials and see if I should charge for them. More to come...

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