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Monday, 24 March 2014

Product Shoot

It took me a while to actually do this, but I am finally motivating myself to blog again. Over the next few days, I'll be posting photos from each of the shoots that I did on the 15th. All of the photos were taken by my talented friend David Anderson. Now, without further ado... Here is a taste of the photos. 


All of the white tank tops are hand-sewn and hand-printed by yours truly. They are made out of a soft, sheer, poly-cotton knit jersey. The individual designs are all hand-drawn using India ink (for detail and description, go to this past blog post. The patch on the back of the jacket is printed in the same way, but printed on canvas. All of the jewelry included in the shoot will be photographed and shown in detail very soon. 

I'm quite pleased with all of these photos. Recently I've been really influenced by 90s grunge and revival fashion, 1970s horror, and witchiness in general. A whole lot of grunginess. For the photos, I wanted something dark and edgy, and I couldn't be more pleased by the photos that ended up looking like damaged film photographs (just look at that beautiful haziness and photo grain!). This is definitely how I want all of my shoots to look. I'm thinking that I'll try to re-photograph everything when it's a bit warmer. It'll be nice to photograph this stuff when it's warmer than -3. The weekend of the 15th was nice... but in the foothills and in the shade, it tends to get a bit chilly. Even so... I'm delighted with these photos.

All items will be available in my Etsy shop very soon.

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