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Saturday, 5 April 2014


Today I made some horns. I've been interested in making horns for a while. I think that horns are really cute. I keep seeing them in the context of Kawaii, Sweet Lolita, and Dolly Kei fashions. I'm drawn to the pastel colours, pretty details, and just the fact they're horns. Of late, I've been thinking about creating a fawn character, and horns are an integral part of that. So far I have made six pairs, excluding two that didn't quite work out, and the first pair that I made for myself (which I will probably wear on the first day or two days of the Comic Expo). Each pair of horns will come with a mini-zine, giving explanation of how to wear, how to treat your horns correctly, and a few drawings of horned people. Along with the two pastel ones above, I have made two plain black pairs (one glossy, one matte), a pair that looks like glittery swampy marble goodness, and another pair of lavender ones that is smooth and has two types of ribbon on it. I'm kind of in love with all of them. Soon, I hope to learn  how to cast with resin. That'll give me the opportunity to make sets of horns that are lighter, and less fragile. Which will be nice! In due time...

Here are a few images of Lolita & Fairy Kei with horns that struck up my inspiration. Just to give context. I've just been really into these kinds of Japanese fashions of late! 


Counting down to the Expo... I can't wait! Even though I still have waaay too much to do.

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