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Friday, 4 April 2014

Fandom Friday: Marvel Movies

Continuing with naming every day of the week! Or at least making each day have a theme that encourages me to write no matter what. Fridays are now Fandom Fridays, when I will write about what I'm geeking out over this week. This will be everything and anything that's making me act like a nerd. Not a bad thing. For the next few weeks, I'll be trying to curb my enthusiasm a bit, and ebb my excitement. Why? THE COMIC EXPO IS IN THREE WEEKS! So.... I'm going to try to tone it down, so that when I write a Fandom Friday post, it won't be AHMAGAD THE COMIC EXPO IS SO SOON AND I CAN'T STAND IT!! every. Single. Week. Any ways. Now you know that I'm excited. And we can get on with our lives.

Yesterday, my husband, myself, and a group of my husband's friends went to see Captain American: Winter Soldier. It was the premier night (midnight showing! At... 8:30 PM...?), and my husband and his friend dressed up as Captain America and Winter Soldier (respectively). I even styled my hair to have Victory Rolls (it took me four tries). A three year old boy recognized them, and lots of people asked for their photos. Which is just fantastic. It was a fun night, and man. 

What. An amazing movie.

I don't consider myself to be a Marvel fan. I don't really read the comics, and for a while, the movies struck me as okay. Watchable, but nothing amazing. Ultimately, superhero movies aren't my favourite, just as superhero comics aren't my favourite. However, Marvel movies are just getting better, and better. I started to really love them after Iron Man 3 and The Avengers (fun fact: I just saw The Avengers for the first time on Tuesday). Captain America: Winter Soldier was absolutely incredible. I think what I like about Marvel's movies is that they don't feel like superhero movies. The characters are well-developed. Nothing feels forced. The fact that people have super powers is kind of incidental, and it doesn't feel unnatural to the world that's being created. It's nice to see that, and have that feeling. 

Any ways, I'm not going to talk much longer about this (it's tired, and I think I'm ready for bed), but I will say that if you haven't seen any of the Marvel movies, get out and start watching them. Guardians of the Galaxy comes out this summer, and I think it's going to be absolutely amazing (I'm in the process of making a Rocket Raccoon costume). So excited. 

Go watch Captain America. Right now. Please. If you want to.


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